Storm On The Sun

A solar storm hit the earth today. Perfect time to ask a few burning questions.

8 Responses to “Storm On The Sun”

  1. Kelly says:

    Hey Benny, I am watching you sing on Hosanna USA right now! WOW! What awesome days we live in huh? Anyway, watching you brings back so many memories of the Jesus Movement back then!!
    Maranatha :D

  2. Rita - Las Vegas, NV says:

    Benny & The Jesus Gang!! Neighborhood Church – Brother Frazier/Pastor!!!

  3. Mr. Jaime says:


    Back in how time flies..we saw you minister to us at a concert in Napa Auditorium that Calvary Chappel of Napa sponsored. I was a new beliver at the time and was a musician soaking up as much about praise and worship songs and learning them. I was realy touched by the song you wrote “Nobody Knows Me Like You” and your rendention of “Christ the Solid Rock”. It has impact me to this day. I’ve learned how to play both of those in the guitar and sing it. I’ve shared those songs with so many people around the world, (Thailand, Burma, Hungary, Philippines, Germany, just to name a few) and I always gave the credit to the Lord Jesus first and then to you for sharing them. What a blessing it is for me to have seen you in person then..hope you are still ministering in music. You are a God gifted man and a great song writer and I thank you for your music ministry.

  4. ed says:

    In october of 1978 I got the Benny Hestor album. I had just graduated from high school. I loved the album. That album reminded me of the Seals and crofts sound. I loved the song Squeeze you. I liked the whole album.
    My best friend and I were moving out of our parents house and moving to Bend Oregon to work at a ski resort. My friend got sick of me playing your tape ( back in the day I had a sweet Clarion under dash cassette player) . He told me he hated the whole thing.
    On Oct 30th very early in the morning we were taking the first load of our things to our apartment in Bend. It was about a 3 hour drive. I drove the 1st couple hours. My friend took over to drive the last hour. I woke up about 45 minutes later and my friend was listening. to your tape. He had to admit he liked it then.
    Later that day when we were driving home to get another load I fell asleep and drove the car into a guard rail. My friend was killed instantly. He beat us all to Heaven. That album was the last thing he ever heard. I beleive that day God did squeeze my friend.
    Was that ever relesed on CD?

  5. Browsing iTunes tonight and listening to your music that impacted my life so deeply in my teens. Know that you are loved by more of us than you could possibly know. (((hug))) BTW, my cousin, Wilf Barke, has told me stories of skiing with you in the Alberta/BC Rocky’s! ;)

  6. Robert Howard says:

    @ Rita-Las Vegas :

    Oh, My Lord ! It was so long ago when Benny and “The Jesus Gang” sang at The Neighborhood Church in Henderson. I can remember when ” Jesus Came Into My Life ” was first conceived. The title and lyrics were slightly different back then;)
    And yes, Don Frazier was the Pastor of the church. The sound of the congregation with the boys playing their guitars and the girls with their tambourines singing those old hymns…it was the most beautiful music I have ever heard.
    I will always be grateful to God for those days.


  7. Jim Carle says:

    A blast from the past finding this! I was part of Neighborhood’s music ministry back in the day. Circa 1976! Pastor Don was great. I remember we had some really good musicians then. A guy named T-Bone had his own studio and put out some good stuff. And a bit of a freak show with the Tom Smith tiff. Wild days and times!

  8. Jim says:

    And I remember Benny Hester coming to play. Seems long ago. What ever happened to Pastor Don?