just a thought

If you were writing a song today, what would you write about?  Love?  Hate?  your relationship with God?

Let me know

11 Responses to “just a thought”

  1. Merritt Mason says:

    Happiness versus Joy …. the somewhat opposite polars of earthly happiness, as set against what true joy in Christ can really give …
    You’re blessed brother, keep using that God-given talent in His service

  2. Wade Steele says:

    The pain of feeling alone but faith to trust Jesus is there even if he doesn’t seem to be. Thanks for your music, been a fan since the early 80’s – God bless!

  3. Stribet Kat says:

    A lullaby for His ‘older’ children feeling overwhelmed.

    Despite the longest day or darkest night that the LORD is faithful and is there (caring, loving, mending, healing) even when pain would try and convince you otherwise.

    Something between casting our cares upon him and beauty for ashes.

  4. ms says:


    You may pick up a joyous song,
    or a bright colorful brush-
    and draw a rainbow of moods,
    to find where resides the hush.

    There the eye defines a shape
    of the invisible one,
    Even as the words reach it
    In the overhead sun.

    he or she said it, i love the words…


  5. Robert says:

    the awesomeness of God, has done the most to center my life and keep things in perspective.

    the incredible promises which give us hope.

    the love of God that we share with all and that we give back to God

  6. jule says:

    I’d write about the importance of loving yourself w/ God’s love… forgiving yourself w/ Christ’s unlimited forgiveness .. breaking free from toxic shame, self-hatred, self-condemnation w/ a focus on the reality of just how much Papa God & His Only Son love each person…. Jesus didn’t come to condemn anyone .. but to SAVE them….

    how can we truly love others when most 99.9% of people don’t even love or like their own selves??

    this awakening must happen before an awakening of salvation redemption can truly radically changed the whole world!!

  7. Adam says:

    I’d probably want to write something about how viciously undeserving I feel about God’s forgiveness or being offered a seat at the table with His Son in eternity. Being invited to a family dinner evokes a closeness/sense of family I often feel I am so utterly undeserving when compared to others or considering the mistakes I wished I could go back and undo.

    A song that reminds how God sees us.

  8. Jim E Johnson says:

    Being real. Seems no one is. Not preachers, politicians, corporations, media, people…it all seems to be fake. And this phoniness is rewarded all the time. Bigger churches, book deals, re-elections, promotions…

    Would anyone know real if they saw it?

  9. Buddy says:

    Communion. Meeting Him there. Coming to the table… starving … yearning … empty … being at the KING’s table, … unworthy, …yet personally invited. Not allowing the sacred moment to be devoured by the habit/repetition.

  10. Kathy Pack says:

    Trying to contact you but the email me dropdown doesn’t work. Looking to get a CD of Nobody knows me like you.

  11. Ray Sabourin says:

    I would write about the grief of the rising popularity of atheism and the frustration of trying to spread the gospel to those who will not hear. I see so much “pseudo-intellectualism” where individuals think they are so intelligent that they no longer need GOD because they are above all that “superstition”. They are embracing the god of self and perpetuating the lie from the garden. I pray for them.