There is something very therapeutic about the process of writing a song.  Fleshing out an idea from a single thought to a complete story is a journey that I enjoy being on, as painful as it may be.

I find that most people really “get” a song when the story line is something that they can relate to.  When all the elements come together to present that initial thought in its finished form, the real magic happens, and the listener is engaged.

For a songwriter, there is no bigger thrill than watching an audience “get it”.

2 Responses to “Therapy”

  1. Stribet Kat says:

    …and how cathartic the listening can be, when you realize someone else has walked a path similar to the one you find yourself on in this journey and given it a rhythm that you can embrace and a lyric that better expresses what you’ve longed to say.

  2. Sandy A. says:

    Dear Mr. Hester, I am trying to locate a song you wrote. It is about a traveling preacher who comes and preaches about Jonah. This song as well as many of your other songs during that time frame has had a huge impact on my life. Your songs really speak to me. I downloaded your album Benny from here but I can’t find the song about the traveling preacher. Was it, This Is Me? Do you know where I could get a copy? Thank you, Sandy