A Portrait

BENNY…1972 – This never before released album is available February 19. A one-of-a-kind recording event with Elvis Presley’s TCB Band, made up of Ron Tutt, James Burton, Glen Hardin and Jerry Scheff, as well as Larry Muhoberac and Joe Osborn. Produced by Brent Maher. Pre-Order Now on iTunes and Amazon

19,475 Responses to “A Portrait”

  1. Robin B. says:

    Hi Benny…

    I used to play a little guitar at WT with your old friend
    Max Barton. I told him some months/years ago that you had
    done real good in gospel music. He didn’t even know it!

    I in fact have an album or two of yours! you were on the cutting edge in the seventies, for sure!! Did your old drummer/friend from college days also play on some of your albums/tours?

    We jammed around over at Miss Dee’s rooming house once, you & I.
    I still play/write but mostly in the closet. I have a publisher
    that is now pushing some of my old songs. I have 3-4 gospel
    songs, too.
    Regards, Robin B./ WT-1967

  2. Craig B. says:

    Great to see the EP project, raison d’etre, finally coming to fruition! I notice you’ve replaced “Peace” with Hey Everybody and Shine. Love them all! Throw Peace back on and your only 4 sngs away from a full length CD – I want to buy the first disk off the press!

    God’s Peace,

  3. Danny L. says:

    Are you performing at a Easter sunrise service this year? If so where?

  4. Hey Benny, I just got these songs and they are just stunning. Your music has always touched me in a very deep place, and I can tell that the depth has gotten deeper in you. I thought you’d want to know that twenty years ago, I had a group of kids we were telling about Jesus that no one else wanted – throwaways, runaways, satanists, witches, abused, addicted, you name it. Your songs touched ME in the dark nights, and some of them even touched some of our kids. Thanks, friend – for what was, and what you are doing now.

  5. Glen Dohie says:

    Aloha Benny, you have been on our turn table, cassette deck and cd player ever since Be a Receiver came out. My wife and I used your version of “On Christ the Solid Rock” at our wedding. You probably have had this question before, is there any way we can get you older albums on Cd form??

    ps. If you are ever in Hawaii and need a photographer look NO further:}

    Glen Dohie

  6. Patrick Sabel says:

    I finally had a chance today to really soak in the new stuff and I really enjoy it. Been listening off and on all day and cranked it in the car coming home from work.

    Right now I think that Hey Everybody is my most fave on it but I always flip around on favorites with your music.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you personally that I really like the new stuff and if God allows, looking forward to more in the future. Your talents are the amazing as always and God really blessed you with the gift of music.

    Take Care,
    Patrick Sabel

  7. Don Blair says:

    Hi Benny,
    Been a listener of your music since “Legacy” song; I have many of your vinyl lp’s..(I believe )your first lp with “Receiver” on it, from 1978; I have 2 releasings of it, original and re-release where the lp actually was titled “Be A Receiver”. I have your best of cd, luv it! Still need lp “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do”. Yeah, still one of those who luv the sound of vinyl. Glad to hear that you are still going strong. Take care and GOD Bless!

    – Don Blair

  8. Laura Burton says:

    Please, please, please re-release your older stuff on CD. You were one of the first Christian artists I ever heard after meeting Jesus as my Savior. Your music helped me throught some really rough times of being the only Christian in my family. I’ve got my kids listening to you now on the only tape I have left,”Benny from Here.” They’re hooked, but we have almost worn out our cassette tape and it’s difficult to find!!!!

    Can’t wait to listen to the new stuff.

    God bless you.

    Laura B.

  9. Leigh says:

    Hi Benny,

    I first discovered cool Christian music through you in about 1980. I even had you sign my bible after one gig. I think about you from time to time and about how you influenced my walk. I found some old records today and eagerly went through them, hoping to find the album I had (Benny Hester) of yours. Of course it wasn’t there so I got online and ordered a few of your records. I will be anxiously waiting for them. Thank-you so much for inspiring me.

    God is great!


  10. Darryl says:

    Hi Benny

    Been listening to the new version ‘When God ran” on Radio and was reminded when i use to listen to you and was moved by your gift.I remember when you were playing for Greg Laurie when he was starting out and you indroduced a new up and coming young girl and you both sang “Shall We Gather at the River”. We all know her now as Crystal Lewis. Will be praying for you and thanks for the inspiring songs in the past and now coming back at me again.



  11. Donna McKune says:

    Benny, I need to tell you how much “When God Ran” has touched me over the years. I remember when it first came out & I sang it at my church. I felt the presence of God like I had NEVER felt Him before. And over the years, I have heard it and it brings me back to my knees every time. God always plants this song in my spirit when I need it. Thank you for being open to Him when you wrote that song and each song you wrote before and all those that have come since. There is that place that I have been before, but have never been to. Because each time it hits me, and I enter that place again, it’s never the same. Its a deeper & more intimate place. And it always happens when I think I don’t matter. That’s where I was when Papa God first brought the song to me. Thank you for your gift, and thank you Papa God for gifting it to him.
    I’m super excited about your new works & can’t wait to see what places it will take me that I’ve been but never been to.

    May God’s blessings continually abound,


  12. God has used you so mightily. me and my sisters really loved, When God Ran. it’s so inspiring, moving and heartwarming. I really love God! thanks for being a God’s instrument!

  13. mark says:

    Hi Benny,
    It’s good to see that artists from the 70s christian era like yourself are still around doing good . So many have been through tragedies, divorces, alcohol and drug abuse, and ended up in the streets or dead. it’s good to see your still standing and living for God. I’ve been through a mid-life crisis (divorce) and it’s good to see people like you still going strong. Don’t know too much about your failures, but its good to see your successes …good for you ! may God Bless you

  14. SKN Danison says:

    Dear Benny,

    I am one of your best fans. In 1979 you came aboard the USS San Jose and performed. We was stationed in Alameda, CA and I also got to listen to your inspiring music in Berkley at a church utilizing a unused funeral home as a place of worship. Keep up the good work.

    Tom Danison

  15. Sherrie Haussecker says:

    I’m trying to remember what the song title is that has the words He’s going to squeeze you just because he loves you. And You’ll know him better for the times he brings you through…..What is the title of that song? I think it’s “Squeeze You”. Thank you so much.God used your music and a few other artists in a really TOUGH TIME in my life. Thank you, God Bless You.

  16. Bob Freeman says:

    What can I say your music has always brought me closer to Jesus, and I have been a fan ever since Be a Receiver when my parents bought it and played it over and over in the car when I was just a kid. I am now married with two kids of my own a son 10 and a daughter 8 who also loves Benny Hester’s music. It’s so cool to hear my daughter in the back seat of our car singing Rubber Canoe at the top of her lungs with her big brother! I just downloaded the new EP great stuff :) I am glad you decided to bless us with some more music. On a side note I have been close friends with Joe and Joan Lang and their kids for almost 20yrs now who tell me they are somehow related to you in a round about way, which I thought was cool.

    Take care and God Bless,

    Bob Freeman

  17. David Lewis says:

    Will we ever get to experience Benny Hester in concert once again?

  18. Don Owens says:

    Downloaded some of your music from iTunes yesterday – updated the Benny collection. Has been a while since I heard ” Out of the Natural” – posted on Facebook and it seems there are many that remember the great BH songs. Thanks for your commitment ministry @donowens

  19. nimnobody says:

    Hello Sir Benny Hester,

    Thank you so much for your written songs…
    I am a music aspirant and i’m influenced by many musicians…you are one of them. I love singing some of your songs. I’m even singing them in our church. Since this is the first time i know that you are the author of the song entitled, “When God Ran”, I would like to ask your positive approval for me to continually sing this. Thank you. God bless u…

  20. Ian Rabjohns says:

    Hi there Benny, Many years ago I got hold of all your old vinyls and cassettes. My favourite album of yours is the ‘perfect’ PERFECT (Bob Carlisle’s BGV’s are superb!!)!! This album is up there in my top 20 albums, along with ‘Satellite Sky’ by the late, great Mark Heard, ‘Unseen Power’ by Petra, ‘Darn Floor, Big Bite’ by Daniel Amos’, ‘Old Angel’ by the Lost Dogs, ‘Surfonic Water Revival’ (a Terry Scott Taylor project) by ‘various’, just to name a few. My band ‘Divine Purpose’ sung your version of ‘Shall We Gather at the River’, at a church in Corfe Castle village in England, just for most of the older members to fall asleep!!

    Your album ‘Perfect’ is on right now, as I write, my son is playing your stuff, now! BRILLIANT! I am sure glad that the Lord blessed you with a wonderful gift of touching people’s lives with your music. Thank you Lord and thank you Benny…you rock for Christ!!

    With much Christian love and thanks from: Ian (that’s me!), Jude (my wife of over 25 years – poor girl!!), Matt (he’s 24 and has always loved you stuff, Benny!) and our grandson Joel (we have legal ‘Special Guardianship’ of him. He’s nearly 3. bless him. As soon as he’s older we aregonna make sure he listens to PERFECT!! God bless you, Benny!

  21. Phil Dauernheim says:

    Benny – bottom line man – your music is a blessing — I’ve listened since the early eighties — saw you play in Smithtown, NY so many years ago. At every turn of my life your lyrics have pointed me to the Lord.
    Blessings to you.

  22. Francine Roy says:

    Hi Benny;
    I first heard your song “When God Ran” in 1995 when I was going through a terrible experience in my life. A youth minister was singing it and the words spoke to be in such a powerful way… I could feel Gods arms wrapped around me and could feel Him wiping the tears from my eyes… One week later I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. Its been a great journey ever since. THANK you so much for this song that encouraged me through this difficult time and Thank you for all you do in the name of the Lord.

  23. Mark says:

    Hi Mr. Hester,
    Right up there with Keith Green, Your (God’s – ‘Melody Man’) music had the sincerity and power that helped me grow as a young christian. The lessons have stuck with me up until now (I’m 45). Thank you for still being involved in music and the Christian community. The times are shure changing, but it seems slow (a Reformation). I live in Portland, OR which will be a Healing City for God’s glory! God Bless.

  24. Teri says:

    Hi Benny,

    Your version of “When God Ran” is so meaningful to me. We played it at my brother’s funeral back in 1998 after he lost a decade long progressive battle to serious mental illness and alcoholism via suicide. I think he is finally able to receive love and forgiveness. Something he could never do while he was here.

    Thanks for the music.

  25. Nicholas says:

    It’s been way too long, I’ve tried to look you up several times over the years, especially while I lived in L.A.
    I only have 2 of the When God Ran posters left.
    I’m blessed to see all the positive comments here for you.

    You were a blessing when we got to have you out to Florida and shoot the poster and your music ministered a lot to me, especially Hold Me.

    Good to see you are still active, I’d love to re-connect.

    ~nicholas (stnick007)

  26. I make a line of Christian Jewelry called: The Empty Tomb Witnessing Jewelry. I also do solos at my church and would like to know if there is an accompanyment track for: “To Fill Our Empty Hearts”. I love the line: “He came out of an Empty Tomb”. It fits with the jewelry. I’d love to sing it at church and it could be my theme song. Is that possible. God Bless
    In His Service and by His Grace.

  27. Rutabaga says:

    Come *ON* someone, put “Be a Receiver” on CD!! I have plenty of Benny’s other stuff, all good, but I GOTTA have “Be a Receiver”! Where can I find it?? Answer: Nowhere. That album deserves a good digital issue. I *beg* anyone to direct me to one.

  28. Paul says:

    I remember attending a Benny Hester concert in the early 1980’s. It was quite good as I recall, even better than most of his studio work. Is it too late in the game to release Benny’s best of concerts from the past?

  29. Wendy ridgeway daubert says:

    So excited to see your site. It takes me back to Saturday night at Calvary chapel a packed house and an atmosphere of worship. We knew the Lord was with us. Thanks

  30. MarieMence says:

    I love this website. Definitely adding it to my favorites!

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